Pink and Purple Color Enhanced Diamond Jewelry

The popularity and demand for colored diamond jewelry just keeps on growing. White diamond jewelry with their brilliant sparkle has not fallen of the radar but more and more people are preferring a bit more color with their bling.

Natural fancy purple diamonds are extremely rare. As matter of fact, they are so rare that investors consider them ideal candidates for a very profitable long-term investment.

18k White Gold Pink Irradiated Cocktail Ring (1.36 Carat)
18k White Gold Pink Irradiated Cocktail Ring (1.36 Carat)

Evolving Diamond Color Treated Technologies

The demand for color diamond jewelry and the fact that these diamonds are so rare, let to a serious market increase in color enhanced diamonds. Consequently, the technology for color enhanced diamonds have also evolved rapidly.

Color enhanced diamonds (also referred to as color treated diamonds) are natural diamonds that have undergone a special treatment. Cheaper diamonds with a lower quality color grade, such as K, L or M are usually used.

A brownish or slightly yellow color diamond, even if they have a high clarity grade, will not get a very high price. They are however ideal candidates for a color treatment. This will increase their value significantly.

HPHT Or Irradiation

The two main techniques used today for color enhanced are irradiation and HPHT.

High Pressure High Temperature

HPHT stands for high pressure high temperature and mimics the conditions that originally created diamonds so far below the earth’s mantle. Diamonds of VS clarity (very slight inclusions) or higher are chosen for this process because they must withstand these extreme conditions without breaking.

The colors created by the HPHT process depend on the individual diamond’s chemical composition. The new colors are usually white, yellow, orange, green, pink or blue. The color change is permanent.

Diamond jewelry made from HPHT color enhanced do not require any special care to maintain the color.


During the irradiation process a beam of electrons is fired towards a diamond with a low color grade. This beam impacts the electrons of the diamond in such a way that the entire molecular structure of the diamond is re-arranged.

The new molecular structure means that the irradiated diamond now has a new light absorbing structure and the color of the stone is changes. The color change takes place throughout the entire diamond because the molecules themselves have been re-arranged.

14k White Gold Pink Irradiated Diamond Signet Ring (0.55 Carat, VS)

14k White Gold Pink Irradiated Diamond Signet Ring (0.55 Carat, VS)

The color of irradiated diamond jewelry can be altered if extreme heat is used during repairs or resizements. Make sure to inform the jeweler that the diamonds have been color treated. She will then take the necessary precautions to protect the color.

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Color Enhanced Diamonds Are 100% Natural

Irradiated and HPHT colored enhanced diamonds are natural mined diamonds that had their color enhanced. They are earth mined just like natural fancy colored diamonds and have that same brilliant and sparkling refractive index. They may have been enhanced in a laboratory but they are not lab-grown. These color treatments should always be disclosed, so be suspicious if you come across a reasonable price for ‘natural’ purple color diamond jewelry.

14k White Gold Pink Irradiated Diamond Dress Ring (1.56 Carat, SI)

14k White Gold Pink Irradiated Diamond Dress Ring (1.56 Carat, SI)

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Pink And Purple Diamond Treated Jewelry Buying Tips

  1. The color, and not the sparkle of the diamond, is the most important criteria that will influence the price of the pink or purple diamond. The more vibrant the color, the more expensive the diamond jewelry will be.
  2. A rose gold setting will accentuate the color of the pink or purple treated diamond, so consider buying a cheaper diamond with a lighter hue. CaratsDirect2u helps customers design their own jewelry if you cannot find the exact piece of jewelry that you are looking for.
  3. Look for diamond shapes such as pears, radiants, emeralds and cushions but not round shapes in your diamond jewelry. These shapes enhance the pink and purple color hues of the colored diamond jewelry.
  4. Brownish pink and orange-pink color diamonds are cheaper than pure pink and purple pink diamonds. If you love these colors anyway, why not enjoy the nice price difference too?

    A lighter colored pink diamond is usually cheaper than a vibrant pink diamond.

  5. Make a smallish pink or purple color treated stone look a larger in an engagement ring by surrounding it with a halo of small white diamonds. It will add extra sparkle and brilliance to your ring and make it look bigger .

More Pink Color Enhanced Diamond Jewelry

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