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Three buying tips for engagement rings
  • 1. Educate yourself on the 4 C’s and how they will influence the price of the engagement ring.
  • 2. Narrow down the ring’s precious metal by paying attention to the jewelry your girlfriend is currently wearing.
  • 3. Diamond shapes such as marquise, oval and pear often look larger than their carat weight and can even cost less per carat.
    Only buy one these fancy shape engagement rings though if you know that your beloved loves them!
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    You have met the most perfect woman and now that the time has come to ask her to marry you. It can be frustrating however to navigate the overload of information available on buying diamond engagement ring. Allow yourself plenty of time to do the necessary research until you find that perfect ring to propose with. You are entering a very exciting and memorable time in your life, so don’t rush through it.

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