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Three tips for buying loose diamonds
  • 1. Natural fancy colored diamonds are extremely durable and rare. They are a wise investment, are internationally recognized and have increased steadily in price.
  • 2. Remember to list loose diamonds on any content insurance of your house and to store them in a safe place.
  • 3. Create your own diamond jewelry by buying the loose diamonds yourself and then working with an experienced jeweler.
  • Loose Diamonds


    We have an array of white color loose diamonds, with a large range in clarity and color grading to choose from. We also offer clarity and color enhanced stones, which allow you to save further on your purchase.

    As an online diamond vendor, we sell all our diamonds at wholesale prices, allowing you to make great savings on all our items. Our 30 day return policy allows our customers to shop with confidence. If you are not happy with the loose diamond that you have bought, just send it back and we will return your money.

    Our 360 degree close-up videos allow our customers to carefully inspect the loose diamonds while sitting in their own house. The powerful macro lens shows all the characteristics and inclusions of our natural mined loose diamonds. You will not be able to see so much detail with your naked eye.