Color Treated Diamonds Online Buyers Guide

A diamond may naturally appear blue, green, yellow, pink or pretty much any other color. Such a diamond would be considered rare and, consequently, very expensive. Color Treated Diamonds, however, are relatively inexpensive as their color is added artificially. They are, essentially, color enhanced diamonds.

The particular color of your color treated diamond will add luster and radiance to your unique diamond otherwise invisible to the naked eye. A colored diamond has the ability to express various moods and emotions and will compliment your clothing in a magnificent way.

Loose Oval Green Color Enhanced Diamond
Oval Cut Loose Diamond (4.01 Ct, Green Color Irradiated)

Buying a color treated diamond will save you money while making your dreams come true (at least your dreams of color enhanced diamonds). You may desire a 1.50 carat blue diamond engagement ring set in 18K white gold or a 1.50 carat diamond set in 14K white gold. Have you ever wanted a round yellow diamond solitaire pendant?

Or perhaps you are looking for a matching 1 carat princess diamond set in 18K white gold and/or a pair of yellow heart shaped diamond stud earrings to match. There are many possibilities in theory. The only problem is: you do not have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on that today.

Well, now you can afford it - thanks to new and advanced breakthroughs in the field of color enhanced diamonds.

Colored diamonds have been around for thousands of years. Of course they have; diamonds are naturally (albeit rarely) produced with color, as is known. But these coloring methods were not permanent changes. Sir Williams Crooke, an English chemist is credited as the first successful man to permanently change the color of a diamond.

In 1905 Sir Crooke exposed diamonds to radioactive elements and observed that he had permanently changed the color of the diamonds. There was only one drawback – the diamonds were also dangerously radioactive. Today there are a number of safe, effective and relatively cheap methods of coloring diamonds.

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The Irradiation Method

The color of any diamond is determined at the atomic level. That is, the particular structures of the atoms which make up the diamond are responsible for both perfections as well as imperfections within the diamond. Irradiation is a process whereby particles - usually no bigger than electrons – are blasted into the diamond. This process changes the physical properties of the diamond itself. Afterwards, the diamond is usually heated in a process called annealment.

This is necessary to allow the altered atoms to rearrange themselves and produce the intended hue. Irradiation is usually done in a laboratory and is completely safe. Irradiation permanently changes the color of the diamond at the subatomic level. It produces similar results as the original Sir Crooke method - but it involves no radioactivity.

The HPHT Method

Diamonds can also be colored by mimicking the natural process that created the diamond. The HPHT method does exactly that but in a laboratory. The HPHT method enhances the diamond with color by exposing the otherwise colorless diamond to extreme heat and pressure. HPHT is usually only done with extremely expensive diamonds as it tends to amplify even the slightest imperfections within the diamond. Also, due to the extreme environments involved, the color enhanced diamond produced by HPHT must be re-polished and buffed. The HPHT method produces similar results as the original Sir Crooke method - but it involves no radioactivity. It has also allowed for a greater number of colors to be achieved within the diamond.

Round Color Enhanced Stud Earrings

Our Recommended Color Treated Diamonds

The most common basic color treated diamonds are: blue, green, yellow, orange and white. Shades of pink and purple are less common – but available. We recommend color enhancing your diamond so that it speaks to you. Only you can decide the right size, shape and color of your desired color enhanced diamond.

Color enhanced diamonds are the most fun – as far as diamond customization goes. And while colorless diamonds will always be timeless - so will color enhanced diamonds. Colored diamonds have an added character that speaks for itself – and for you.

Nevertheless, here are some popular ideas to start with:
1.10 carat blue princess diamond engagement ring (set in 18k white gold)
1.20 carat yellow marquise diamond pendant (set in 18k white gold)
1.50 carat green pear shape loose diamond
1.70 carat yellow heart shaped diamond stud earrings (set in 18k white gold)

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.


We offer exceptionally high quality color enhanced diamonds for purchase online. And we let the facts speak for themselves: the lowest prices on color treated diamonds can be found online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your purchase of any color treated diamond.

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