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You Dream It, We’ll Create It!

CaratsDirect2U offers our customers an easy step-by-step process to help you create the diamond jewelry that you have always dreamed about.
We can customize one-of-a-kind diamond engagement rings, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond earrings and diamond pendants with either traditional or invisible settings.
High-quality precious metals and diamond stones as well as exceptional craftsmanship is very important for us, so we will made sure that your dream becomes a beautiful reality.
6 Easy Step Process
Step 1

Share Your Dream

Trust us with the design of your dream piece of diamond jewelry
Send us a diagram or photo of the item of jewelry you would like to create to: [email protected] Don’t forget to include information regarding the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity and the carat weight of the center stone, and the details of any side stones.
Step 2

Speak To Our Experts

Our diamond jewelry designers will guide you through the customization process.
Our expert jewelers will speak to you over the phone and advise you regarding the perfect piece.

We will then send you a quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can proceed to step 3.
Step 3

Receive a 3D Jewelry Sketch

As part of the diamond jewelry customization process, we will send you a 3D sketch.
After agreeing on a price and receiving 20% of the cost, we will send you a 3D sketch of your dream piece. We will make any wanted corrections and send you three high quality 360 degree photos of center stones when you authorize the drawing.
Step 4

Receive 360 Degree Photos

You will receive quality 360 degree photos of the diamonds that will be used in your designed jewelry.
You will receive photos of 3 center stones and 2 side stones to compare. If the side stones weigh more than 0.5 carats, we will send you 360 degree photos of all the stones together.

If you are still unable to decide, we will send you a 360 degree photo of one more diamond.
Step 5

Completing the Finished Jewelry

Approve the quote of your customized diamond jewelry and CaratsDirect2u will make it for you
Our expert jewelers will speak to you over the phone to finalize all the last details. We will then send you a quote.

Once you are happy with the quote, you can proceed to step 6.
Step 6

Shipping Your Diamond Jewelry Piece

CaratsDirect2u will ship your designed diamond jewelry to you in a beautiful jewelry box.
We ship the finished piece and email you the tracking number. You will receive your diamond jewelry in a pretty jewelry box. Remember, all our loose diamonds and diamond jewelry come with a 30-day return policy.

*If you return a customized item, we will deduct 10% from the sale price.