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4 Tips to Buying a Two-Stone Diamond Ring Online

CaratsDirect2U is always adding more two-stone diamond engagement rings to its collection, with this unique style sure to catch the eye. All our diamond jewelry pieces are sold at wholesale prices, allowing you to make great savings by buying online. Here is some guidance on purchasing two-stone diamond rings.

1. Carat Weight

The carat weight of the main two diamonds in the 2-stone ring should usually weight the same, or within 0.02 carats of each other. Smaller diamonds cost less per carat so you will be able to have a higher carat weight in your ring for your budget.

2. Color

If the main stones are both white diamonds, they should be within one color grade of each other. For example, if one of the diamonds has an F color grade, the second stone can have a color grade between E and G.

3. Clarity

Similarly to choosing the color, the clarity of the two diamonds should be within one grade of each other. For example, if one stone is VS2 clarity, the second diamond should be graded between SI1 and VS1.

4. Settings

Two-stone diamond rings may come in a variety of settings. A two-tone diamond ring setting with white and yellow gold gives an elegant look. Many two-stone rings are referred to as bypass rings, symbolized by the band overlapping itself.