Three tips for buying heart diamond jewelry
  • 1. Check that your heart shaped diamond jewelry is made from quality precious metals and diamonds.
  • 2. All the diamonds that make up the heart shape must complement each other.
  • 3. The heart cut diamond or diamond shape must be symmetrical.
  • Heart Diamond Jewelry Collection


    Heart shaped diamond jewelry, even though they are sometimes made from a single heart cut diamond, are usually made up from a group of diamonds. The jewelry piece could be made from round diamonds arranged in a heart shape or from a combination of diamonds carefully chosen to create a continuous heart shape.

    The diamonds in heart shaped jewelry are often held in place with a Bezel or invisible setting. In a Bezel setting, the diamonds are surrounded by the precious metal. This setting is a good choice for a person with an active lifestyle.

    Love may be invisible but just like diamond jewelry with an invisible setting, it creates a huge impression! Small grooves in each diamond’s girdle slot into the precious metalwork below the surface. The jewelry designer can now arrange the diamonds into a heart shape and create the appearance of a solid diamond heart.