Three buying tips for designed jewelry
  • 1. Check that the diamonds complement each other in cut, style and arrangement. The diamonds must sit flush next to each other and create a continuous heart, flower or diamond shape.
  • 2. Even though the jeweler created a beautiful and unusual piece of jewelry, it should still be robust enough for daily wear.
  • 3. Don’t just focus on large solitaire diamond jewelry. There are many breathtaking designs made with multiple smaller diamond stones.
  • Special Diamond Jewelry Designs


    We tend of think of the traditional (though still classic!) single large solitaire prong set diamond engagement ring when we think of diamond jewelry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic design if this is that you have always dreamed of owning. As a matter of fact, we ourselves sell solitaire diamond rings and pendants in various cuts such as round, marquise, princess and heart shapes.

    Diamond jewelers and designers can however be extremely creative in the way that they combine gold metal and diamonds into intricate designed diamond jewelry.

    CaratsDirect2u is honored to present our extensive collection of uniquely designed diamond jewelry. Some of the jewelry pieces are made from multiple diamonds arranged into shapes such as hearts, circles or a Star of David, while others consist of a smaller amount of diamonds carefully placed together to create a star or flower shape.

    If you are looking for one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry, be sure to have a look at these design-based diamond jewelry collections.