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18k Yellow Gold Invisible Setting Princess & Marquise Cut Diamond Earrings (1.08 Ct, I-J Color, VS Clarity) 18k White Gold Radiant Classic engagement solitaire with pavee set shoulders diamond ring (1.51 Ct, H , I1 ) 18k Rose Gold Round Diamond Single Row Black & White Elliptical Celtic Knot Necklace Pendant (1.6 Ct, G, VS1)
18k White Gold Pear Cut Invisible setting Diamond Flower Pendant (0.96 Ct, G Color, vs Clarity) 18k Gold Round Princess White Modern diamond pave set folio head ring (1.32 Ct G VS Clarity) Marquise Cut Loose Diamond (1.22 Ct,I Color,Si1 Clarity) Igl Certified
18k White Gold Kite Diamond Multi-Stone Set Star Shape Pentagram Pendant (0.69 Ct H VS2-SI1 Clarity) Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.56 Ct,G Color,IF Clarity) GIA Certified Round Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace 14K White Gold (0.56 Ct,G Color,IF Clarity) GIA Certified
Triangle Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct,H Color,Si2 Clarity) Gia Certified Marquise Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct,J Color,SI2 Clarity) GIA Certified Triangle Cut Loose Diamond (1.09 Ct,G Color,Vs1 Clarity) Igl Certified
14K White Princess Diamond Multi-Stone Prong Set Half-Eternity Wedding Band (1.28 Ct F-G Vs1-Si1 Clarity) 1.6 Ct G VS1 Round White Gold Pendant 18k Rose Gold Princess & Round Diamond Black & White Stripe Crossover Set Wedding Band(1.15 ct, G, VS1)
Radiant Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring,14k White Gold (0.72 Ct,F Color,VVS1 Clarity) IGL Certified Pear Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring,14K White Gold (1 Ct,F Color,Si1 Clarity) Igl Certified Princess Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, 14k Yellow Gold (1.01 Ct, F Color, SI3(K.M) Clarity) IGL Certified
Heart Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct, I Color, I1 Clarity) GIA Certified Marquise Cut Loose Diamond (1 Ct,Natural Fancy Light Yellow Color,Si2 Clarity) Gia Certified 14K White Gold Round Diamond Multi-Stone Prong Set Bangle With Hinge Clasp (1.25 Ct D-F Color Vs-Si Clarity)
18k White Gold Princess & Round elegant circular modern classic Earrings with set bezel(1.6 ct, H, VS) 18k White Gold Round Fancy Victorian diamond rococo style dress engagement ring (0.87 Ct, H , SI ) 14K Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Multi-Stone Prong Set Pave Wedding Band (1.8 Ct,D-F Color,Vs-Si Clarity)
18K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Setting Multi-Stone Tear Drop Set Matt Drop Earrings (0.46 Ct G Vs Clarity) Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring,14K White Gold (0.55 Ct,H Color,VVS2 Clarity) GIA Certified Pear Cut Loose Diamond (1.53 Ct,Natural Fancy Brown Yellow Color,I1 Clarity) Gia Certified
Marquise Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14k Yellow Gold (1.53 Ct, I-J Color, SI3(Laser Drilled) Clarity) IGL Certified Round Cut Loose Diamond (1.05 Ct, Olive Green(Color Irradiated) ,SI3)  Pear Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring,1 4K Yellow Gold (0.55 Ct,D Color,Vvs1 Clarity) Igc Certified