Converting Radiant Cut Diamonds From Millimeters To Carat Weight

Radiant Cut Loose Diamond (1.05 Ct, Natural Fancy Brown Color, SI1 Clarity)
Radiant Cut Loose Diamond (1.05 Ct, Natural Fancy Brown Color, SI1 Clarity)

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Like the princess cut diamond, the radiant cut diamond is born from the rectangular cut. You will often find great choice available, due to the large scope in the length-width ratio as well as different clarity and color grades available. The radiant cut makes great diamond stud earrings or a sparkly center stone in a diamond engagement ring.

Millimeter To Carat Weight Converter Table For Radiant Cut Diamond

Millimeters Carat Weight Millimeters Carat Weight
 4.5 x 3.5  0.34 9 x 7  2.62 
5 x 3  0.31  9.5 x 7.5   3.18
 6 x 3 0.41  10 x 7   3.31
 6 x 4 0.6  10 x 8  3.49 
6.5 x 4.5  0.83  11 x 9   5.05
7 x 5  1.14  11.5 x 10  6.45 
7.25 x 5.25   1.24 12 x 9  6.06 
7.5 x 5.5   1.47 12 x 10  6.79 
8 x 6   1.74 13 x 9   6.54
8.5 x 6.5  2.25     

Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds And Jewelry

A pair of radiant cut diamonds is often used as side stones, and we can help you find the right radiant cut side stones to match almost any center stone. You can view our beautiful selection of loose radiant cut diamonds on our website. Here are also links to the sparkling diamond jewelry pieces in our catalog made with radiant diamonds:

We have a shiny selection
of radiant diamonds

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Loose Blue Radiant Cut Diamond

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