Converting Trapezoid Shaped Diamonds From Millimeters To Carat Weight

Trapezoid Cut Loose Diamond Side Stones

Trapezoid Side Stones

Trapezoid diamond pairs were created specifically to be mounted as side stones to both solitaire diamond engagement rings and solitaire diamond pendant chains. Trapezoids are available as both brilliant or step cut. It is no surprise that the trapezoid cut has become increasingly popular among diamond shoppers, with the larger surface area increasing the sparkle compared to the baguette cut diamond.

Step cut trapezoid diamond pairs are most commonly mounted with an Emerald or Asscher cut center stone, with larger trapezoids being best suited to the longer Emerald cut diamond. A brilliant pair of trapezoid diamonds is beautiful with center stones such as radiant and Princess Cut Diamonds.

For center stones such as the cushion, oval or marquise shaped diamond, the more recent crescent trapezoid, with its curved edge, will look the part, providing the trapezoids contain the correct dimensions. When using trapezoid diamonds as side stones, it is important to ensure they have a very similar color grading and clarity rating, as well as very similar dimensions.

Trapezoid Cut Diamond Converter Chart from Millimeters to Carat Weight

Please note, the following conversion chart is based on the dimensions of several pairs of half-moon diamonds on the market at the time of this article’s publication.

Millimeters Carat Weight Millimeters Carat Weight
3.70 x 2.60 0.19 6.00 x 3.70 0.70
4.00 x 2.90 0.26 6.10 x 3.80 0.76
5.15 x 2.75 0.29 7.00 x 3.70 0.81
4.90 x 2.90 0.33 6.95 x 3.55 0.89
5.40 x 3.10 0.35 7.60 x 3.75 0.95
4.80 x 2.60 x 1.90 0.40 4.00 x 6.70 1.01
5.65 x 3.25 0.45 6.90 x 4.35 1.10
5.30 x 3.35 0.52 7.65 x 4.14 1.19
5.60 x 3.20 0.55 6.80 x 4.60 1.30
5.90 x 3.60 0.60 7.20 x 4.40 1.41
6.55 x 2.95 0.64 7.65 x 4.14 1.56

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