Marquise Cut Diamond Pendants and Necklaces

The marquise cut diamond is often found sparkling away on engagement rings but it is just as eye-catching on pendant diamond jewelry.

A pendant is a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn around the neck. The word pendant originated the Latin pendere and the Old French word pendr, which means to ‘hang down.

18k White Gold Marquise Cut Invisible Setting 0.7 Carat, G color with I1 Clarity Diamond Flower Pendant
Our marquise cut diamond flower pendant are available in 18 karat white or yellow gold

By the way, the small loop that attaches the pendant to the chain is called a ‘bail’.

The Best Chain Length For Your Diamond Pendant

The best chain length for your diamond jewelry totally depends on your personal preference. The chain length of the marquise cut diamond pendants sold at varies between 16 inches, 18 inches and 20 inches. If the pendant that you ordered from us has a 16 inches long chain and you prefer a 20 inch chain, just send us an email.

We can easily resize it for you. he marquise cut diamond pendant with a 16 inch long chain will generally rest just above the sternum. With the 18 inch chain the pedant will rest on your sternum and with the 20 inch chain the diamond will rest below your sternum. Pay attention that the thickness of the chain matches the weight and size of the pendant.

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The Correct Size For Your Marquise Cut Diamond Pendant

One of the advantages of the marquise cut diamond is that it looks a bit bigger than it really is. Keep this in mind when you shop for your marquise diamond pendant. Don’t buy a large solitaire diamond pendant with a high carat value and then compromise on the grade of the cut and clarity. The imperfections of a larger diamond are more visible, and even more so if it is worn in a diamond necklace. The larger-looking marquise cut diamond allows you to afford a higher quality diamond pendant with a smaller carat value.

Solitaire Diamond Necklaces

Marquise cut diamond pendants are often made from a solitaire diamond. Have a look at our useful buying guide for marquise cut diamonds to make sure that you get the best diamond for your necklace.

The bail (the small loop that connects the diamond to the necklace) should not just be functional but also add to the overall design of the diamond necklace.

Natural Marquise 0.63 carat diamond solitaire pendant necklace with a 14k yellow gold snake chain and a spring-ring clasp
Marquise Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace 14K Yellow Gold ( 0.63 Ct, G Color, I1 Clarity)

Marquise Cut Diamond Butterfly Pendant

18k white gold invisible setting marquise cut 1.17 carat diamond butterfly pendant with a link chain and lobster-claw clasp
18k White Gold Invisible Setting Marquise Cut Diamond Butterfly Pendant (1.17 Ct, G Color, SI Clarity)

How many diamonds can you spot in this butterfly pendant!? And how many of them are marquise cut diamonds? Even though the marquise cut diamond is an excellent choice for a solitaire diamond pendant, their symmetrical shape allows jewelers to be creative with their designs.

Flower Pendant With Marquise Cut Diamonds

18k yellow gold marquise cut invisible setting 1.14 carat diamond flower pendant with J color grade and VS clarity
18k Yellow Gold flower pendant with marquise cut diamonds in an invisible setting (1.14 Ct, J Color, VS Clarity)

This flower pendant made with six marquise cut diamonds are one of the popular pieces in the CaratsDirect2u catalog. It has a fun and contemporary feel to it but t the design is quite intricate. Note how the diamonds are placed flush next to other with any gaps. The jeweler also made use of an invisible setting, which means that diamonds are mounted in such a way so that the gold setting is less prominent. If you are looking for a sparkling eye-catching pendant, then this marquise cut diamond pendant is made for you!

Have a look at the marquise cut diamond necklaces in our catalog and brush up your knowledge of marquise cut diamonds and the invisible diamond setting with our diamond education articles.

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