Marquise Cut Diamond Jewelry - Five Useful Shopping Tips

It is nearly unbelievable to think that the marquise cut diamond have been around for more than 300 years. This cut is elegant, and it is sophisticated. And it is very popular with today’s fashionistas.

18k White Gold Marquise & Round Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (0.71 Carat , Blue (Color Irradiated) with White Diamonds, VS Clarity) with a prong setting
18k White gold marquise & round cut diamond engagement ring with a blue center stone

The marquise cut diamond features 58 facets that create its brilliant look. It has a symmetrical elongated shape with curved sides and two pointed ends. One of the biggest benefits is that the marquise cut maximizes its carat weight and makes the diamond look larger.

Even more important, this diamond cut has a romantic as well as aristocratic background!

The Royal Background Of The Marquise Cut Diamond

The marquise diamond (pronounced “mahr-keez”) was originally developed in France in the 1740s. King Louis XV ordered a diamond cut that resembled the shape of his beloved mistress’s Marquise de Pompadour, smile.

Marquise is the female term for marquis, which is a noble hereditary title. It ranks above that of a count but is lowered-ranked than a duke.

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14k White Gold Marquise Solitaire Ring 0.8ct SI G Color

Marquise Cut Diamond – 5 Buying Tips

If you love this royal member of the diamond family as much as we do, read the following advice before you make your purchase. Our 5 buying tips will guide you on what to look for in your marquise cut diamond and diamond jewelry.

  1. Look at the symmetry of your marquise cut diamond
  2. The symmetry of the marquise cut diamond is one of the important factors that will influence its visual appeal. Make sure to pay attention to these details:

    • The two points of the diamond must to align perfectly with one another.
    • The curve of the wings on both sides of the diamond must be the same size.
    • Draw a hypothetical horizontal line over the center of the diamond and compare the two sides. One half should not be longer than the other half. The facets in the opposite halves should also be of the same size and shape Check also that one side does not have a facet that is missing in the other half.
    • Now draw a hypothetical vertical line along the length of the diamond and do the same symmetrical test.
    Marquise Cut Loose Diamond (0.76 Ct Olive Green Color Irradiated)

  3. The length-to-width ratio
  4. The ratio of the length-to-width marquise cut diamond is more or less 2:1. This means that the diamond is usually twice as long as it is wide. Natural mined diamonds are however unique and do not always follow cookie cutter measurements.

    The default accepted length-to-width can be anything from 1.6:1 to 2.2:1.

  5. Look for V-tip prongs in marquise cut diamond engagement rings
  6. Note that the exposed points of the marquise diamond should be secured. You will notice that the higher quality marquise cut diamond rings all have v-tip prongs to avoid chipping.

    White Marquise Diamond Solitaire Setting Engagement Ring 14k white gold, 1.03 Ct, Color H , Clarity I1, 100% natural diamond
    Marquise Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14k 1.03 Ct, H , I1

    Marquise shaped diamonds used in diamond pendants do not need this extra protection.

  7. Be aware of the bow-tie effect
  8. The level of bow-tie can vary depending on the proportions of the diamond, the angle of the diamond and your nearness to it.

    Marquise Cut Loose Diamond with visible bowtie (0.44 Ct, F Color, SI1 Clarity) GIA Certified Flouresence Medium Blue, Not Treated, 100% Natural
    All of three elongated diamond cuts (the marquise, pear and oval cut) are susceptible to the bow-tie effect. This is when you can see a dark bow-tie shadow in the center of the diamond.

    Most of the marquise cut diamonds have some degree of a bow-tie. Pay attention that the bow-tie is not so dark and prominent that its robs some of the diamond's visual appeal.

  9. Consider your fingers
  10. If you buy a marquise cut diamond ring for yourself or for your beloved, remember that this cut tends to create the illusion of longer fingers.

    Most of us want elegant and longer-looking fingers so this is good news. However tall women who already have slender fingers might rather prefer round or princess cut diamond rings.

North-South And East-West

Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands made with marquise cut diamonds are usually orientated in a north-south setting. The pointed ends of the diamond lie against the length of the finger.

In an east-west setting, the diamond stone lies across the finger such as this famous ring of Catherine Zeta Jones.

These types of rings are a bit unusual and may be hard to find. If however, you have your heart set on an east-west marquise cut diamond ring, have a look at our customizing page. CaratsDirect2u might just be able to make it for you.

The Marquise Cut Diamond Rules!

There is no doubt that this diamond cut has been a centuries-old favorite for a reason. These elegant stones are not only timeless but they have also captured the fashionable spirit of today.We have a large range of loose marquise cut diamonds as well as marquise diamond jewelry for sale. Please feel free to phone us at our toll free number 1-800-557-7095 or email us at [email protected] if you need any help.