Guide To Purchasing A Diamond Ring Online

18k White Gold Invisible Setting Princess & Round Cut Diamonds Halo Fashion Engagement Ring (0.81 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity)  Round Diamond 14k Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring ( 0.9 Ct, K Color, I1) Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 14k White Gold ( 0.7 Ct, G Color, SI2)

Are you in the market for an engagement ring or wedding band? When making your next jewelry purchase, consider buying it online, where you’ll find an unlimited selection and a range of prices to be sure to fit your budget. Buying online has many shopping advantages, whether you're a first-time purchaser or a regular online shopper. The internet is the world's largest storehouse of information.

Even if you decide not to buy your jewelry online and opt for a traditional jewelry store or jewelry department, the internet can still be a valuable resource. You can essentially do all your legwork - determine the style, quality and price you are willing to pay before you even enter the store, so take advantage of it! Further, our website has an extensive section devoted to educating customers on a range of diamond-related topics so you can be well informed when browsing our website for diamonds.

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Advantages Of Buying Diamond Jewelry Online:

Speed – Make your selection. Enter your information. Then click a button. It's as easy as that and all from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Convenience – The ease of shopping online cannot compare with the hustle and bustle of shopping in a mall or department store. You can avoid traffic jams, parking concerns and most of all pushy salespersons. In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the item, it can easily be sent back, once again avoiding the above-mentioned hassle.

Selection – Online diamond jewelry stores such as offer a much wider selection of merchandise for sale in one place than a traditional store or catalog. This means you can uncover some truly unique jewelry items and deals you won't find anywhere else.

Value – an online retailer has lower inventory and other overhead costs than a bricks-and-mortar retailer, thereby enabling us to pass these savings on to you in the form of great deals on the latest merchandise.

Two Things You Must Do Before Choosing A Ring

  1. Decide on a budget. Before searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring, decide on how much you can afford to spend. The further you are able to narrow your search on our website, the more time you can save when looking for that ideal engagement ring.
  2. Choose your style, traditional to funky and unique.

CaratsDirect2U is a family owned and operated business and has been in the diamond manufacturing business for over 60 years with the online branch running for over 6 years. We have offices and partners in all major diamond exchanges worldwide.

  • All of our diamonds are 100% earth-mined, conflict free diamonds and all come with a 30 day return policy.
  • Our diamond rings are available in a wide range of sizes, from under 0.5 carat to almost 5 carat.
  • We have clarities ranging from the pristine FL grading to the near eye clean grading of I2. In addition, we stock many colors from D-M as well as Blue, Brown, Champagne, Yellow, Orange, Green and Pink colored diamonds.
  • Some of them are clarity enhanced, K.M or laser drilled, while others are treated by the HPHT method, or are color irradiated. Any treatments are noted in the listings and our website offers extensive education on treatments undergone by diamonds . We also offer natural, non-treated diamonds.
  • We carry diamond pendants with various diamond shapes as well as multi-stone rings.
  • CaratsDirect2U offers different ring setting types such as solitaire, invisible and cocktail settings, as well as 3-stone rings and elegant earrings.
  • All of our diamond rings are available in 14k or 18k yellow, white or rose gold.
  • Caratsdirect2U offers our entire stock of diamond rings with free re-sizing upon purchase and before shipping. We can re-size from sizes 4-9 at no additional charge. We also custom make any size ring at the customers’ request.

For help finding the perfect ring please feel free to contact one of our expert jewelers at: 1-800-557-7095