Bangle Bracelets - A Buyer's Guide

Bangle Bracelets - A Buyer's Guide

Bangle bracelets have long been a staple of fashion across the world, dating back thousands of years as a central piece of wardrobe. Versatile, sturdy, and popular, the bangle bracelet is a key element to keep in your closet.

What are Bangle Bracelets?

There are two types of bangle bracelets: those without clasps and those with a clasp, and they are both different from the cousin- the fancy tennis bracelet. A bangle is a bracelet made of one solid material-often wood or silver. Historically, bangles were made out of glass with a similar frequency to wood, and glass bangles are still prevalent today.

The bangle bracelet can be made from a number of different materials, ranging from jade to silver to plastic. Jade bangles have been found in Chinese ruins while wood and silver bangles were an important part of ancient culture on the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, an Indian bride would wear a glass bangle bracelet at her wedding as the bangle has an important value in Hinduism.

Diamond-studded 18k bangle bracelet
An 18-karat white gold bangle bracelet with round cut diamonds

History of the Bangle

Its roots can be traced back to many ancient civilizations, but the earliest bangle bracelet was found on the Indian subcontinent. The earliest bangle can be traced back to 2600 BCE, where a statue of a woman wearing bangle bracelets was found in a ruins in Mohenjo-Daro, India. This accessory traces the bangle back at least 5,000 years to the Indus River civilizations.

Bangles also been found in ancient Mayan, Mauryan, Roman, and Chinese ruins. Ancient bangles were made of terracotta, stone, shells, copper, glass and other similar materials. The earliest Chinese bangles date back four thousand years.

In the 20 th century, silver replaced wood and glass as the dominant form for a bangle bracelet as silver jewelry became mass produced and was cheaper than gold. It was at this time that jewelers began adding intricate diamonds and gemstones to bangles to increase the band’s beauty.

The bangle appears in many different cultures and rituals. At a Bengali Hindu wedding, a bride is given two special bangles of red and white to wear for the day, while Bangles made from white sea shells are worn by married Bengali and Oriya Hindu women. Traditionally, the number of bangles, in addition to type of material, would denote a woman’s marital status.

How to Wear a Bangle

Since a bangle is a style of a bracelet that is circular and closed by either its form or hinge, it is a versatile wardrobe choice, depending on the type of bangle. Wood and plastic bangles are prime candidates for everyday fashion, combining the durability of the material with the spark of the hand-crafted jewelry. These bangles are often worn in groups to show off a number of different designs. Diamond bangles, often worn alone, are often made of silver and a chance to show off fancy jewelry, ideal for black-tie events and fancy parties. Selecting the right one is a cinch with five tips to buying a bangle bracelet. Of course, when wearing a diamond bangle bracelet, make sure the stones are authentic to show off a fancy style.

Fun Bangle Facts

  • The word bangle is a derivative of the Hindi word “bungri,” which translates to glass.
  • In Hydrabad, India, there is a bazaar famous for selling fancy bangles named Laad Bazaar. The one-kilometer open-air shopping strip has been in operation since the 16th century.
  • The city of Firozbad, India is the world's capital of glass bangles, with 400 glass making companies registered in the city.

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