Your Guide to Millennial Sunrise Cut Diamonds

The Millennial Sunrise Cut – History and Origins

14k Gold Oval Millennial Sunrise Diamond Bracelet (5.1ct, I-J, SI-VS)
14k Gold Oval Millennial Sunrise Diamond Bracelet (5.1ct, I-J, SI-VS)
You may have noticed a new cut of diamond now being listed on our website, the limited edition millennial sunrise cut diamond. This cut of diamond was invented in 1998 specifically in honor of the then-upcoming new millennium by USA Studs Inc. It is a limited edition cut and is no longer being made, making this a rare cut, although you will still be able to find:

The cut is patented both in the US and internationally. While it may be described as similar to an oval cut diamond, it has a unique table arrangement, as will be explained in this article.

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Blue Irradiated Oval Millennial Sunrise Loose Diamond

Unique Table Arrangement and the “Seven Windows to Heaven”

Upon initial inspection, while the millennial sunrise cut diamond may look like an oval cut diamond, look closely and you’ll see seven clear tables. USA Studs refers to these seven tables as the “seven windows to heaven”. The cut has a similar facet arrangement to a brilliant oval cut diamond, with 43 facets, but produces more light, with light coming out of a different pair of windows with each movement. Diamond jewelry containing several millennial sunrise cut diamonds will produce a great amount of light due to this unique facet arrangement.

Purchasing a Millennial Sunrise Cut Diamond Today

Manufactured as a limited edition piece in the early 2000s, the millennial sunrise cut diamond is a rare shape and is difficult to find. Due to the fact that most of the millennial sunrise diamonds that were created were sold and set into jewelry pieces, loose millennial sunrise cut diamonds are particularly hard to find. When looking to buy loose diamonds or jewelry pieces containing millennial sunrise cut diamonds, look for stones that produce a large amount of light and brilliance. For example, take a look at the beautiful Oval Millennial Sunrise Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace, weighing 0.65 carats with a G color and VS clarity grading, set in 14K white gold. The cost of millennial sunrise shaped diamonds can be compared to round cut diamonds.

Oval Millennial Sunrise Yellow Irradiated Loose Diamond
Oval Millennial Sunrise (Limited Edition) Cut Loose Diamond 0.56 Ct, Yellow Irradiated Color, VS Clarity

CaratsDirect2U has several rare and unique jewelry pieces containing millennial sunrise cut loose diamonds. If you have any questions regarding any of the millennial sunrise pieces on our website, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call 1-646-362-2141 and one of our jewelry experts will be happy to help.