Your Guide To Invisible Setting Star Shaped Diamond Pendants

Buying A Unique Piece of Invisibly Set Diamond Jewelry Online

Diamond jewelry with the invisible setting is becoming increasingly fashionable, with such a variety of designs and price ranges to choose from. From invisible setting princess cut diamond rings to invisible setting diamond pendants surrounded by blue sapphire gemstones, you can always find something unique for that special someone.

Diamond star shaped pendants, set in the invisible setting, are true beauties. Because they are invisibly set, the combined carat weight of the diamonds in the pendant will always appear larger than it actually is, making the star shaped diamond pendant a financially smart, as well as truly beautiful, purchase. This article will advise you on some key steps to purchasing star shaped invisible setting diamond pendants online, including tips on how to choose between different types of pendants.

Deciding Between Marquise And Kite Shaped Diamonds

Marquise cut and kite shaped diamonds are the diamond shapes usually found in star shaped diamond pendants. Invisible setting marquise shaped diamond star pendants are often referred to as flower pendants. While Marquise and kite shapes are similar by way of brilliance and their large surface area, there are still many differences in their appearance and specifications. Here are some of the key differences between the two shapes:

Marquise Shaped Diamonds Kite Shaped Diamonds
A more traditional and common diamond shape and often used in solitaire diamond pendants.

A less commonly used fancy diamond shape and rarely used in diamond ring settings.
Doesn’t have straight sides, meaning some more rounded marquise shapes may not fit as well into the invisible diamond pendant setting.

Has four clear, straight corners. This enables multiple diamonds to fit perfectly into an invisibly set diamond pendant.
Has a rounded surface and both sides are rounded.

Each side, as well as the surface, are completely flat.
Often contain a form of the bowtie effect. Some customers may find this desirable, while others will not.

Bowties are far less visible, particularly with diamonds grade H color and above.

Carat Weight

18k White Gold Kite Cut Diamond Invisible Setting Star Pendant (0.5 Ct, H Color, VS Clarity)

18k White Gold Kite Cut Diamond Invisible Setting Star Pendant

One of the great benefits of purchasing an invisibly set star shaped diamond pendant is that multiple stones (usually either five or six diamonds) combine to create a large surface area. This means that the diamonds in the jewelry, even if they have a modest carat weight, will surely be noticeable. For example, this 18k white gold kite cut diamond invisible setting star shaped pendant with an H color and VS clarity grade weighs half a carat.

The five kite shaped diamonds in this pendant are invisibly set in such a way that their height is increased by over 60%. This is important information to bear in mind when choosing between a pendant containing larger diamonds with a lower clarity or color grade or smaller diamonds with a high clarity and color grade.

Color Grades

As has been stated above, diamond shapes used in the setting for star shaped diamond pendants often contain some form of butterfly effect, otherwise known as bowties. As a general rule, the lower the color grade, the more apparent the bowtie appears. Some customers are not bothered by bowties, with some customers liking the bowtie effect. While marquise diamonds will almost always contain some form of butterfly effect, you can usually avoid this with kite shaped diamonds by purchasing diamonds with a color grade of H and higher.

Clarity Grades

When considering the diamond clarity of the diamonds in an invisibly set star shaped diamond pendant, bear in mind that SI1 diamonds will always be eye-clean, meaning that the imperfections cannot be seen with a naked eye. SI2 clarity diamonds are usually eye-clean, with imperfections in kite shaped diamonds slightly less visible compared to marquise diamonds. This is due to the kite’s flat surface compared to that of the marquise diamond. For example, this 18k White Gold Invisible Setting 1.15 Ct H color Kite Cut Diamond Star Pendant H Color has an SI3 clarity grade. By looking at the diamond, it is very difficult to see the imperfections and it is only by looking at them through a jeweler’s loupe or high-resolution camera that you can see the imperfections more clearly.

18k White Gold Kite Cut Invisible Setting Diamond Star Pendant (1.15 Ct, H Color, SI3 Clarity)

Surrounding Stones

Some customers choose a star shaped diamond pendant containing several smaller diamonds of a different shape to the center stones. When looking for a star shaped invisibly set diamond pendant with surrounding stones, it is important to consider that the surrounding stones need to be of a similar color (if they are white diamonds) and clarity grade to the kite or marquise diamonds in the middle.

We recommend keeping the color and clarity grades within one grade of the center stones. For example, if the diamonds in the middle of the pendant are H color and VVS2 clarity, the surrounding stones can range from G to I color and VVS1 to SI1 clarity.

18k White Gold Kite Cut Diamond Invisible Setting Star & Pave Pendant (1.29 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)
18k White Gold Kite Invisible Setting Star & Pave Diamond Pendant with 5 G color and VS Clarity Kite Diamonds and a Total Weight of 1.29 Ct

Choose Your Ideal Star Shaped Invisible Setting Diamond Pendant

At CaratsDirect2U, we offer expertly crafted star shaped diamond pendants, with a wide variety in color and clarity grades, as well as a range of carat weights, designs and prices to choose from. We provide high quality photographs of all our invisibly set star shaped diamond pendants and can provide additional photographs upon request.

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