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Three buying tips for diamond pendants
  • 1. Understand the four “C”s of your diamond or diamonds that you are looking at.
  • 2. Side stones for accent, if both the center and side stones are both white, should be within a single color and clarity grade of the center stone.
  • 3. Think about the style and settings of the Diamond pendant that you are buying.
  • Diamond Pendants


    At CaratsDirect2U, we manufacture and sell many types of gorgeous Diamond Pendants. And when we hear about a new possible diamond pendant variation – or when a request is made for a more customized diamond pendant – we are the first ones to get excited and seize the opportunity to provide this to our customers. We simply love diamonds and beautiful diamond jewelry.

    Currently, our inventory includes many types of fancy colored Diamond Pendants to choose from. We have a large collection - boasting a wide-range of shapes and sizes of Solitaire Diamond Pendants. Many of our Diamond Pendants consist of invisibly set diamonds mounted with blue and/or yellow diamonds. Our diamond manufacturing experts are masters at setting diamonds invisibly and so it is only natural that we highly recommend our invisible setting Diamond Pendants to the discerning buyer.

    Some of our pendants are so unique that we have classified them simply as One-Of-A-Kind Diamond Pendants. We are proud to announce our Love Knot Diamond Pendant Collection which includes our favorites – the Love Knot Round Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklace, invisibly set in 18K white gold and available in both naturally colored or fancy colored diamonds.

    It should be noted that all of our products are affordable and are offered directly to you at much lower than retail prices. We also provide classic Tiffany mountings and one-of-a-kind items suitable for every budget. So be sure to check out our Diamond Pendant Collection and do not hesitate to contact us with any diamond or diamond-jewelry related questions you may have.