The Art Of Multi-Stone Diamond Rings

When it comes to purchasing a diamond ring, a traditional white or yellow gold setting with one glistening diamond center stone will often be the first to come to mind. Yet, why not consider a multi-stone ring? This is a great option to consider when choosing and purchasing an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Here are some very good reasons for considering a multi-stone ring.

Appearance Of Higher Carat Weight

Owning a ring set with multiple diamonds has several benefits. One such advantage is that your ring will give the impression that its diamonds are of a higher carat weight. Multi-stone rings enhance the size of the stones and while the total carat weight is the same, it gives a larger impression in terms of total carat weight. Multi-stone rings also enable the customer to maximize their budget when considering the size, clarity and color grading of the stones.

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White Gold Multi-Stone Engagement Ring

A Beautifully Crafted Item Of Diamond Jewelry

18K White Gold Multi-band Fashion Ring, 3.22Ct, G Color, VS1 Clarity

The multi-stone setting gives you the opportunity to display several gleaming stones of the same or very similar cut, carat weight, clarity and color on one ring. Multi-stone rings set with small diamonds require the skill of professional jewelers as well as a lot of time invested in designing the For example, this beautiful multi-band fashion ring containing 254 expertly cut and set round diamonds totaling 3.22 carats, is set in 18K white gold with an average clarity grading of VS1 and color grading of G. The ring is sure to catch people’s eye at any event.

A Creative Design

18K Pave Setting with 4.26 Carat Stones

When it comes to diamond rings, each customer will have a different taste and will be drawn to different types of rings, settings and colors. The nature of multi-stone rings is that they allow the jeweler creating the ring to use their creativity and produce something unique. For example, this white and yellow gold pave setting round cut diamond fashion ring contains a total of 299 stones equaling 4.26 carats with a G color and VS1 clarity. It has a beautifully artistic design that will also capture the attention of your friends.

Endless Variety

18K White Gold Eternity Wedding Band, 0.36 Carat, G Color, VS1 Clarity

While some customers will see the inspired pave setting diamond ring as a must-have item, others may opt for a more traditional-looking multi-stone ring, such as an eternity wedding band in an 18K white gold setting. Other customers will consider the invisible setting, which is becoming increasingly fashionable as an engagement ring setting. The more one searches for multi-stone rings, the more types of selection they will come across.

Shop With Care

Multi-stone rings, require great skill to create. Therefore, when shopping for multi-stone rings, particularly those containing more than six or seven small stones, it is important to ensure they are purchased from a reputable jeweler.

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