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Looking For Natural Fancy Colored Diamond Pairs?

Looking For Natural Fancy Colored Diamond Pairs?

Beautiful Pair of 2.39 Carat Natural Fancy Orange Brown Round Cut Loose Diamonds, SI1-SI2 Clarity

3 Tips for Purchasing Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

CaratsDirect2U has a great selection of natural fancy color loose diamonds, from items under 0.3 carats to large 4 carat diamonds. We also have a range of clarity and color grades to choose from, with unique shapes such as briolette cut natural fancy color diamonds. Here are three tips to consider when buying a natural fancy color loose diamond:

1. Choose the intensity of color in the diamond

Each diamond color has its own color scale. For example, yellow diamonds have a color scale ranging from fancy light yellow to fancy deep yellow.

2. Remember the 4 Cs of Diamonds

Use the 4 Cs (Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut) to help you balance your budget and choose the ideal natural fancy color diamond.

3. Secondary color

Many natural fancy color diamonds contain a secondary color. For example, you may see a diamond listed as a natural fancy brownish yellow loose diamond. Some customers only purchase diamonds with pure fancy colors, despite it usually meaning it is more expensive.