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Loose Diamonds

At CaratsDirect2U.com we pride ourselves in helping people just like you to find the best loose stone to fit your budget, whether it is for an engagement ring, necklace, earrings, or any other item of jewelry that you want to enhance.

Traditional 1.5Ct Loose Round White Diamond, VS3 Clarity, EGL Certified

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Round Natural Mined Loose Diamond (0.73 Ct Fancy Vivid Brownish Yellow(Irradiated) Vvs1 Clarity) Igl Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.92 Ct,Green(Irradiated) Color,Vs1 Clarity) Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.91 Ct,Green(Irradiated) Color,Vs1 Clarity)
Round Cut Loose Diamond (1.01 Ct,Green(Irradiated) Color,Vs1 Clarity) Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.56 Ct,Ocean Blue(Irradiated) Color,Si1 Clarity) Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.93 Ct,Cognac Brown(Irradiated) Color,Vs Clarity)
Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.39 Ct,Ocean Blue(Irradiated) Color,Vs1 Clarity) Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.35 Ct,Ocean Blue(Irradiated) Color,Vs1 Clarity) Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.41 Ct,Blue(Irradiated) Color,Vs1 Clarity)

Loose Diamonds

The term loose diamond refers to just the finished diamond - the polished stone itself - and nothing more.

There are many reasons why people choose to purchase loose diamonds. But whatever your reason may be, one fact remains the same – a loose diamond will always cost less than that same diamond after it is mounted. We respect your decision to purchase loose diamonds, regardless of what your reason may be – as long as you remain satisfied with your diamond purchase and with CaratsDirect2U.

It is important to note that a loose diamond is probably the simplest and safest online diamond purchase. The reason for this is that a loose diamond is easy to imagine with great accuracy. And this is especially true after seeing a graphic image of the loose diamond. There is no issue of having to try on the diamond and there is no sizing issue to deal with. In contrast to almost every other category of diamond jewelry offered online, loose diamonds are basically, “you get what you see” and the precise specifications of the loose diamond is clearly understood before any purchase is made. So while the diamond experts here at CaratsDirect2U do in fact believe in the online-diamond-purchase in general, they all agree that an online-loose-diamond-purchase is the most straightforward. And since the lowest priced diamonds can be found online and at such affordable prices, we remain baffled by those who insist on spending more time and money by purchasing their loose diamonds from anywhere else.

Even before CaratsDirect2U was established, our family had been manufacturing and supplying loose diamonds for over half a century. We have manufacturing facilities in Asia which allow us to supply our products directly to you – and many other wholesaler and retailers in the USA, Europe and across the globe – at incredibly low prices. Being in the diamond business for many years has provided us with many diamond-related friends all over the world. And we are serious when we say that our top-priority is your satisfaction. If for some reason we cannot help you, we will contact someone who can.

Affordable diamonds at great prices

As a direct supplier of diamonds for wholesalers and retail stores for over 50 years, you can now buy directly from us and save money. We have a diamond for every budget and for every woman and man. We offer the following diamond shapes to name a few: round cut diamonds and oval cut diamonds, pear shaped diamond as well as rose cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, trilliant cut diamonds, marquis diamonds, emerald cut diamonds and heart shaped diamonds as well as radiant cut diamonds

High quality diamonds

We carry some of the highest quality diamonds available. All our diamonds have been precision cut with supreme excellence and professionalism. And all our diamonds are listed at affordable prices and boast multiple certifications. Our diamond inventory is branded with leading certifications like GIA and EGLUSA. A quick browse of our inventory will lead you to our selection of premium diamonds with heart and arrows with collection colors ranging from D-F and top clarity is from IF-SI1. Our prices are simply unbelievable.

Fancy colored diamonds

Our inventory includes natural colored fancy diamonds - both certified and non-certified.

Alternatively, you can choose from our collection of fancy colored diamonds in any of the following colors: blue, yellow, light yellow, green, orange or brown.

Treated diamonds

Many of our potential customers want to purchase a 2.00 carat diamond however, for obvious reason, cannot afford it. However, we can make use of our technologically advanced diamond treatment method to create large diamonds such as an H –VS2 2.00 Carat diamond for $15,000 – which is extremely cheap (relatively – that’s about half-priced).

Our expert diamond cutters use the following treatments: clarity enhanced, laser drilling and the k.m technique.

Please do not hesitate to check out our wide variety of stunning treated diamonds. And, as always, do not hesitate to contact us with any diamond related questions – should they arise.