Buying Tips for Kite Star Diamond Jewelry

Most of us are familiar with the more popular diamond cuts such as the brilliant round and emerald cut. And if you love diamonds as much as we do, you might even be familiar with the centuries-old marquise cut diamond.

But did you know that there are also kite cut diamonds?

It Starts With Five Kite Cut Diamonds

If you guessed that they are called this way because of their shape, you are 100% correct! Kite shaped diamonds have four straight lines and four corners, making them ideal for creating star-shaped diamond jewelry. Single kite cut diamonds are just as beautiful as the other cut diamonds but together they create sparkling kite star diamond jewelry. Can you spot the kite shaped diamonds in this piece of jewelry?

18k white gold kite cut diamond star & pave pendant with an invisible setting

Our diamond kite star
collection is sparkling!

Have a closer look
18k Yellow Gold Kite Cut Star Shape Diamond Solitaire Ring

How To Make A Star Shaped Diamond

Making kite star diamond jewelry is however not just like assembling a puzzle. The jeweler must very carefully select the five kite star diamonds. As you know, each natural mined diamond is unique and the chosen diamonds must be carefully match each other in clarity and color.

A Creative Challenge For The Diamond Jeweler

The kite cut diamonds must be set in such a way that they together they look like one solid star diamond. Most of the jewel designers will make use of the invisible setting to create the kite star diamond jewelry. Others will make use of more creative ways to show of the starriness of this jewelry.

Have a look at this unique way to make this kite star diamond ring sparkle.

18k White Gold Kite cut diamond invisible ser star shape exclusive engagement ring (0.98 Ct G ,SI2-SI3)
18k white gold kite cut diamond star shape engagement ring

Buying Tips for Kite Star Diamond Jewelry

If the kite star diamond jewelry is starting to make you starry-eyed, consider these useful shopping tips.

  1. The individual kite diamond stones must together look like a single star-shaped diamond.
  2. All the diamonds in one piece of jewelry should be of the same clarity and color.
  3. Check that the exposed points of the kite cut diamond are protected.
  4. Inspect how the jeweler set the diamonds in the piece of jewelry. The diamonds must be secure but still show off their starriness.

More Sparkling Kite Star Diamond Jewelry

Yes, we know that you would like to see more shiny kite star jewelry. Have a look at these beautiful items that we have in stock.

Kite Star Diamond Pendant

Get double sparkle with this star inside a star.

18k White Gold Kite Cut Diamond Invisible Setting Star & Pave Pendant (0.35 Ct, G Color, VS Clarity)
Double diamond star and pave pendant kite cut diamond with 18k white gold

A Journey Kite Star Diamond Pendant

Commemorate a special milestone in your live with this five star journey diamond pendant.

18k White Gold Kite Cut Diamond Invisible Setting 5 Stars Pendant (0.86 Ct, G Color, vs Clarity)
Five stars pendant with kite cut diamonds in an invisible setting

Kite Star Diamond Stud Earrings

We are sure that you have never seen such sparkling diamond earring studs.

18k White Gold Kite Invisibly Set Five pointed pentangle star diamond earrings with alpha back(0.39ct, G, i1)
Kite star diamond stud earrings with an alpha backing

Kite Star Diamond Engagement Ring

18k White Gold Invisible Setting Kite Cut Diamond Star & Pave Pendant (1.52 Ct, H Color, VS Clarity)

18k yellow gold kite cut star shaped diamond ring

Shine As Bright As A Star

You don’t have to look up to the skies at night anymore. Bring the sparkle right down to earth with our shiny kite star diamond jewelry.

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