Why Do Invisible Set Diamonds Look Bigger?

What Is The Invisible Setting?

The invisible setting is the setting of diamonds into a piece of jewelry in a way that gives the appearance that there is no setting at all. This is because the setting uses grooves cut into diamond pavilions to set the stones into the diamond ring, pendant or pair of earrings. Most typically, this setting uses princess cut diamonds, although round and baguette cut diamonds are becoming more commonly used for the invisible setting.

Creating the invisible setting requires a high level of skill and is a unique and popular setting to use for diamond rings, diamond pendants and diamond earrings. Further, the invisible setting makes diamonds in the jewelry look larger than they actually are. This article will explore why.

The invisible setting
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Why Do Diamonds In Invisible Set Jewelry Look Larger Than They Are?

Diamond jewelry with indivisibly set diamonds allow the diamonds in the setting to appear as a continuous flow of diamonds, uninterrupted by any prongs. Because of this, at first glance the diamonds will look like one diamond, rather than several small diamonds. This is particularly apparent in a classic invisible setting of four diamonds, such as this 18k white gold invisibly set diamond halo engagement ring with 4 G color, VS1 clarity diamond in the center surrounded by 16 smaller round diamonds.

The total diamond carat weight in this ring is 0.59 carats. Not only will the diamonds in this ring look larger than they actually are, but the cost of the diamonds are lower than they would be for one diamond of the same carat weight because smaller diamonds are less expensive.
 18k White Gold Invisible Set Princess and Round Cut Diamonds Halo Engagement Ring (0.59 Ct., G Color, VS1 Clarity)

In some cases, the carat weight of a diamond jewelry piece with the invisible setting can appear to be twice as large as its actual size. For example, this 18k white gold invisible setting round cut diamond marquise ring with 16 G color, VS clarity diamonds contains diamonds weighing a total of 1.75 carats. However, the diamonds in this ring appear to weigh 3.9 carats, more than twice its actual carat weight, meaning you can save money by purchasing a ring with several small diamonds rather buying a 3.9 carat diamond ring.

 18k White Gold Round Cut Diamond Invisible Setting Invisible Setting Round Cut Diamond Marquise Ring (G Color, VS Clarity)
This 16 stone invisible setting diamond engagement ring looks to be over double its actual carat weight

Other Benefits Of Invisible Set Jewelry

Other than giving the diamonds in your diamond jewelry piece the impression of being larger than they really are, invisibly set jewelry provides other benefits. Firstly, this is one of the safest settings for those with an active lifestyle to have. This is because the diamonds are held so close together by the setting that the stones will not become loose. Another benefit is the brilliance and sparkle provided by so many small diamonds being close together without a visible setting.

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