Hearts & Arrows Diamonds

What Are Hearts & Arrows Diamonds?

Diamonds are precision cut variations of the traditional 58 faceted round brilliant cut. They are cut to “ideal proportions” with superior symmetry, polish and a specific faceting pattern.Less than 1% of the world's diamonds are cut to Hearts & Arrows specifications.

Diamond polishers take up to three times longer to cut diamonds of this quality and nearly 15% of the original rough diamond is wasted.

Sometimes up to 100X magnification and computer analysis is used throughout all stages of polishing to insure the Hearts & Arrows grading. That is the reason that Hearts & Arrows Diamonds are sold at a premium compared to an average cut diamonds.

How Can You See The Hearts & Arrows?

In order to be able to see the Hearts & Arrows pattern in a diamond, one would need to use a specially designed device to do so, that device is called a “Firescope”. This Hearts & Arrows Viewer is rather simple and requires no training and almost no expertise to use it.

The “Firescope” allows the viewer to see the physical symmetry, contrast and alignment of facets of a diamond by viewing the stone through both the top (crown area) or bottom (pavilion area) of a diamond under controlled circumstances to maximize the beauty of the diamond.

What You Actually See In The Loupe?

When all these factors are in harmony, the result is a repeatable, near perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows in the face up position called 'crown' and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table down position, called 'pavilion'.

Why Are Excellent Grading’s In Symmetry, Cut, And Polish Needed For Hearts & Arrows?

Although the Hearts & Arrows property is indicative of a top-tier cut, it does not always mean the diamond will be the most brilliant, and should be looked at in conjunction with the cut grade. However, a Hearts & Arrows Grading in conjunction with Excellent or Ideal cut grade will give a superb sparkle.

What Makes The Hearts & Arrows Cut Beautiful And Sparkling?

The combination of all of the above elements makes the Hearts & Arrows cut round brilliant diamond an exquisite diamond.

Who Invented The Hearts & Arrows Cut?

The original Hearts & Arrows were diamonds that surfaced in the mid 1980’s in Japan, they were cut to “ideal proportions”, very close to those summarized by Marcel Tolkowsky in his 1919 book, Diamond Design.

How To Buy A Hearts & Arrows Round Diamond Online

You can find Hearts & Arrow diamonds with many different certifications, however when buying online it is best to go with a diamond that is certified by GIA, IGI, HRD or EGL, that way you can also see the certificate online.

When buying a certified diamond online, make sure to view the certification online so that you can verify that the stone in the certificate it the stone that you are buying. Most importantly, make sure you have a 30 day return policy like the one offered by CaratsDirect2u.com.

Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.79 Ct, natural ,I1 Clarity)

Natural Round Cut Loose Diamond (0.79 Ct, I1)

CaratsDirect2u.com offers a wide range of loose and mounted Round Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds In D, E, F, G Colors and VS1-SI2 Colors in a wide range of carat weights from under 1 Ct to over 2 carats. All certified by the GIA or EGL.

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