Converting Cushion Cut Diamonds From Millimeters To Carat Weight

Cushion Cut White Loose Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamonds

As you may know, the round cut is by far the most popular cut today. However, around 100 years ago, the cushion cut, a square cut with rounded corners, was the most popular cut. In fact, it was the most popular diamond shape for the first century of its existence. They do tend to be less brilliant than a brilliant round cut diamond, but at the same time have retained a great deal of appeal due to it producing great fire, meaning brilliant white or color flashes of light that shoot out of some diamonds. The cushion cut can be used as side stones, but are certainly more popular as center stones.

Cushion Cut Diamond Chart Converter Chart From Millimeters To Carat Weight

Millimeter Carat Weight Millimeter Carat Weight
4 0.25 7.5 1.67
4.5 0.36 8 2.04
5 0.46 8.5 2.43
5.25 0.56 9 2.75
5.5 0.66 9.5 3.35
5.75 0.76 10 3.87
6 0.84 10.5 4.41
6.25 0.93 11 4.91
6.5 1.03 11.5 5.85
6.75 1.24 12 6.84
7 1.28 13 8.51

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