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How to Choose the Right Diamond Shape for You | CaratsDirect2U

Purchasing a diamond is relatively easy. Purchasing the right diamond - not so easy. Today especially, diamonds come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that finding the right diamond for you can be very confusing. The diamond you choose today will last forever. And so we at Caratsdirect2u believe, in our humble opinion as a long-time diamond wholesaler and manufacturer - that a proper diamond education will go a long way in ensuring that, when the time is right, you purchase the best possible diamond.

Diamond shapes range from the elegantly simple to the boldly complex. Diamond cutters can cut a diamond to take nearly every shape. However, it is well known that symmetry has always been a key ingredient for beauty. So, naturally, a symmetrically cut diamond is usually preferred. For the purposes of diamond education, we will focus on eleven of the most commonly cut diamond shapes. Namely: round cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, princess diamonds, trilliant cut diamonds, marquis cut diamonds, heart shaped diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, Rose cut and radiant cut diamonds.

Our hope is that after you familiarize yourself with our diamond education section you will know and understand which diamond is best for you. Regardless if you are looking for an engagement ring, tennis bracelet, stud earrings or are just looking to buy the right loose diamond – a thorough diamond education will go a long way.

Round cut diamond

Round Shaped DiamondFrom the sun and moon to the invention of the wheel to the science of Pi, the edgeless circle has not ceased to amaze the human race. There is something magical about a perfectly round object and how much more so a perfectly round cut diamond. By far, the most popular diamond shape sold by CaratsDirect2U - diamond wholesalers and retailers are, round shape diamonds. Round shaped diamonds need no further elaboration - they speak for themselves.

Oval cut diamond

Oval Shaped DiamondWhen we think of an oval shape we usually think of an egg. An oval cut diamond, however, is not an egg shaped diamond (unless you want it to be). Rather, an oval cut diamond is shaped as an elongated circle or an ellipse. The inherent symmetry of the ellipse plays a large role in the expression of beauty and will cause a diamond to shine with a completely different radiance. Ellipses also occur naturally; planetary orbits for example. This "oval" cut diamond shape has the unique ability to emphasize slenderness - more so than a round cut diamond.

Pear cut diamond

Pear Shaped DiamondThe pear or teardrop shaped diamond is also an excellent diamond shape choice. After all, this shape has existed and occurred naturally since the first raindrops fell to the Earth. At first glance, it may appear less symmetrical than other shapes but it can actually express a unique symmetry which would otherwise be overlooked by other diamond shapes. Similar to the oval cut diamond but less so, the teardrop shaped diamond places a slight emphasis on length and slenderness. Perfect for diamond rings, diamond necklaces or any other custom diamond jewelry , the teardrop diamond shape may be perfect for you.

Rose cut diamond

While still in demand today, popular interest in rose cut diamonds has been on the decline for the past century. A rose cut diamond is shaped like a dome with a flat bottom and resembles a natural rose flower. A rose cut diamond can have a varying number of surfaces (facets). But these facets almost always meet at a sharp point at the top of the diamond. A rose cut diamond is, undoubtedly, a unique diamond shape choice.

CaratsDirect2U does not usually carry rose cut diamonds as part of its inventory; however, as diamond wholesalers with excellent connections in the diamond market place and the biggest diamond exchanges, we are more than capable of finding you the right diamond – including all types of rose cut diamonds.

Cushion cut diamond

Cushion Shaped DiamondIf you are attracted to the large, lustrous and smooth surfaces on a diamond you may want to consider cushion or "pillow" cut diamonds. The cushion cut is essentially a square or slight rectangle but with rounded corners and larger facets. This particular diamond cut resembles the natural effect of erosion in nature and will cause your diamond to shine with added radiance and luster. The more natural clarity inherent in your diamond the greater this effect will be. Thus it is rather difficult not to like the cushion diamond shape. Although this alone does not imply that a cushion cut diamond is right for you. Our diamond cutters love to cut rough diamonds to cushion cut proportions. Cushion cut diamonds are excellent for fancy color diamonds such as yellow diamonds and blue diamonds. This is because natural light is reflected exceptionally well within the diamond and will greatly enhance and accentuate the fancy color.

Princess cut diamond

Princess Shaped DiamondThe princess diamond cut was invented by Israeli diamond cutters at the Israeli Diamond Exchange. Princess diamonds are almost always perfectly square shaped. Princess diamonds are extremely popular in general but are exceptionally coveted as engagement ring diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are also very popular as diamond studs. Check out our wide selection of princess diamond jewelry. Only you can be certain if a princess diamond is right for you.

Trilliant cut diamond

Triangle Shaped DiamondThe trilliant cut diamond resembles a triangle or a pyramid. Usually the apex, or point, of the trilliant diamond faces downwards. The flat upper surface of the trilliant diamond can be customized in a variety of ways and the sides may or may not be curved. When choosing to purchase a trilliant cut diamond, you immediately open the door to a wide range of possibilities. Be sure to check out our selection for some ideas. Without a doubt, trilliant is brilliant. You may want to consider setting your trilliant cut diamond in your new diamond solitaire pendant - in 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold , as is the popular custom.

Marquise cut diamond

Marquise Shaped DiamondThe shape of a marquise cut diamond most closely resembles, well, a diamond. The marquise shape usually implies a lengthy, slim and slender shaped diamond with a pointed top and bottom but, in most cases, rounded sides. The word marquise itself is defined as a title of nobility, And a marquise cut diamond boasts exactly that. If you find that the unique shape of a marquise diamond speaks to your heart, you can be certain that it is the right diamond shape for you.

Heart cut diamond

Heart Shaped DiamondThe classic heart shape has become an international symbol representing spirit, emotion and love. Heart shaped diamonds can prove to be a perfect combination of natural beauty and human expression. The heart shape itself has successfully been applied to almost every form of jewelry. Heart shaped diamonds, however, have proven especially popular – especially on Valentines Day. From engagement rings to necklaces to bracelets to earrings and way beyond, heart shaped diamonds have proven themselves to be an excellent diamond shape choice.

Emerald cut diamond

Emerald Shaped DiamondThe word "emerald" almost always calls to mind the color green. And indeed, emeralds are green precious stones. But the term "emerald cut" is used to describe shape not color. Rectangular in shape, emerald cut diamonds are "stepped" diamonds - with each raised level cut with precision. The upper rectangular surface is relatively large and smooth. The emerald cut diamond is less expensive than most other diamond shapes. But the emerald cut, with its large top rectangular surface has the ability to accentuate the natural clarity of a diamond. Be sure to check out our unique collection of emerald diamond stud earrings.

Radiant cut diamond

Radiant Shaped DiamondThe radiant cut diamond shape is similar to that of the emerald cut diamond. Rectangular in shape with a clarity-enhancing large flat top surface, the modern radiant cut diamond is considered to be a more complex and advanced version of the emerald cut diamond shape. The exceptionally refined contemporary radiant cut diamond shape is beloved by many people in many cultures across the globe. Have a look for yourself and see if a radiant cut diamond is right for you.

Half-Moon Cut Diamonds

Half-Moon Cut Diamonds can be used as side stones complementing Rectangular and Square Cut Diamonds such as Princess, Radiant, Cushion or Emerald Cut center stones in a diamond ring. This innovative use of Half-Moon Diamonds also provides extra interest when set together with Oval Cut Diamonds. In addition, Half-Moon Diamonds make great Diamond Stud Earrings. When purchased together as a pair for either studs or to complement other stones, you can be sure that they are perfectly matched in regards to color, clarity and size. Our Half- Moon Diamonds are available in both the Step Cut and Brilliant Cut.

Trapezoid Cut Diamonds

The Trapezoid Cut Diamond is a four sided shaped diamond that resembles a triangle and have recently become more popular. Trapezoid Cut Diamonds are used mainly for side stones in a ring enhancing the center stone and are cut in Brilliant or Step Cuts. The Brilliant Cut Trapezoid is a great complement to a Brilliant Cut Rectangular center stone such as Radiant or Princess Cut. The Trapezoids that are cut by the Step Cut method are best when mounted together with the Asscher or Emerald Cut center stone which enhances these long elegant cuts. Trapezoids, also known as Trapeze Cut Diamonds, are very versatile side stones because they can be used with all square or rectangular center diamond shapes which have gained popularity in recent years.