How To Buy A Diamond Tennis Bracelet Online

All Bracelets Should Be Customized To Reflect Individual Personality

It is a historical fact that bracelets of all shapes and sizes have been adorned by both women and men for, at least, 5000 years. Naturally, over the course of history, the design and composition of bracelets has evolved in order to supply the bracelet owner with respective elegance and significance.

18k Yellow Gold Princess Channel Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

18k Yellow Gold Princess Channel Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Birth Of The Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The diamond tennis bracelet got its name at the 1987 U.S. Open. Chris Evert (former tennis world champion) had been wearing a gorgeous narrow diamond bracelet on her wrist when it broke during the match. The tournament was temporarily delayed in order to allow the champion time to collect the remains off of the tennis court. So what exactly makes a diamond tennis bracelet so special?

A diamond tennis bracelet, simply put, is a thin band of metal set with multiple diamonds in a symmetrical fashion. As with most precious jewelry, quality is a key component. Of course, it is normally worn around the wrist; although it can also serve as a beautiful anklet as well as any other form of jewelry.

The classic diamond tennis bracelet trend, however, has been followed by more recent tennis superstars, such as Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini. The diamond tennis bracelet lives on – both on and off the tennis court.

A diamond tennis bracelet would make an excellent gift-choice for just about any meaningful occasion; it can serve as a unique engagement symbol or a significant birthday present. It can be given as a simple sign of affection or as a 25 th wedding anniversary, for example.

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How Can A Diamond Tennis Bracelet Serves Such A Large Purpose

The answer lies in the fact that these tennis bracelets can be made so diverse. Diamonds, themselves, come in an almost endless sea of variety. Color, cut, carat and clarity are all major factors that make a particular diamond special. And then there is the bracelet material itself. Among our customers, tennis bracelets set in 18 karat white gold with round diamonds have been exceptionally popular. More recently however, we have seen oval diamond tennis bracelets grow in popularity.

It goes without saying that diamond tennis bracelets are relatively expensive. One way to minimize the cost (aside from purchasing online), would be to supplement, say an 18K white gold bracelet, with a 14K white gold bracelet. Such has been the modern trend in the

Purchasing a diamond tennis bracelet from us will ensure that demands are met precisely according to your wishes.

18k White Gold Round Diamond Prong Set Tennis Bracelet With Wave Design

18k White Gold Round Diamond Prong Set Tennis Bracelet With Wave Design

Customization Of Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet

As mentioned, we advise you to research all sorts of diamonds before choosing the ones most appropriate to you. Recently, many people have been choosing the round diamond tennis bracelet as their tennis bracelet of choice - although, many others remain inclined towards the oval diamond tennis bracelet.

The most popular, as well as, recommended options – as far as the metal strap and clasp system go – are, by far, 14K or 18K white gold. Now, while silver is considered the “cheaper” or lower-end material, it remains a superb choice. True, gold is considered to be higher quality than silver - and yellow gold even more so. Nonetheless, most would agree that platinum is the ideal choice for a diamond tennis bracelet. It should be noted that, lately, other precious gemstones have been added to the classic diamond tennis bracelet as it continues to evolve through history.

The goal remains the same however. That is: your diamond tennis bracelet should be customized to reflect your own unique self. And we encourage you to keep pushing the envelope.

We offer exceptionally high quality diamond tennis bracelets for purchase online. And we let the facts speak for themselves: the lowest prices on diamond tennis bracelets can be found here online.

Once your research and customization specifications are complete and you are committed to purchasing a diamond tennis bracelet online – just let us know. Satisfaction is already guaranteed. We will offer a money back guarantee for 30 days.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your purchase of any diamond tennis bracelet.