New diamond jewelry collection

Here at CaratsDirect2u, we are constantly adding new diamond jewelry pieces to our collections. Of course, we will always stock the most requested classic designs such as solitaire diamond engagement rings and we are proud of our extensive vintage design-based diamond jewelry. Sometimes though, one just needs to add a new bit of shine to your life. And what better way to do that than with a sparkling new piece of diamond jewelry?

After going through rigorous quality control by our in-house diamond experts, the new pieces get to show off their beauty at a photo shoot in our offices. We have captured this behind-the-scenes footage of some of the new items that are waiting their turn to be photographed:

The new kite cut diamond jewelry pieces will become part of our unique star diamond collection. These pieces are very special and are not found in regular jewelry shops. It takes precision craftsmanship to select and cut the kite cut diamonds in such as way as to form the perfect star shape diamond jewelry.

White gold kite cut star diamonds

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We also have new color irradiated blue and black diamond pieces. Blue colored diamonds are extremely expensive and only worn by the super-rich. However, our loose blue color irradiated diamonds are not only natural earth mined diamonds but also very affordable. And just look at these lovely blue diamond pendants. This 18k Gold Round & Pear Cut Vintage Halo Pendant (Blue & White Diamonds,SI3 Clarity) is one of our color enhanced diamond pendants:

Blue pPar cut diamond pendant

CaratsDirect2U has a large range of color enhanced diamonds. Although these diamonds are mined from the earth and not created in a laboratory, they have undergone special treatments to enhance their color. The two best diamond color enhancement treatments are the irradiated treatment and the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) color treatment.

Note that the diamond or jewelry seller should always inform you if a diamond has been color enhanced. Be wary if the price of a ‘fancy’ natural color diamond seems to good to be true.

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We have added some new black diamond jewelry pieces to our jewelry collections. Black diamonds used to be the black sheep of the diamond world, but then it was realized that black diamond jewelry adds a serious touch of elegance. They have finally received their deserved spot in the fashion world.

Black color enhanced diamond ring

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Everyone loves receiving flowers but they will love flower diamond jewelry so much more. And it will last much, much longer! If you are ever looking for the perfect gift, for just about any occasion, you can never go wrong with flower diamond jewelry. It is the gift that everyone will love to receive.

Marquise flower diamond stud earrings

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